94 – Don’t Fall For The Okidoke


Let us know in the comments what you think we should do for our 100th episode!

This week Jasmine ne Jello discuss Revenge porn.

Have you ever been exposed Have you exposed anyone Do you know someone who has been exposed?

What is “revenge porn”?

Blac Chyna – https://www.vox.com/culture/2017/7/5/15923332/rob-kardashian-blac-chyna-instagram-revenge-porn

Eve and Stevie J – https://107jamz.com/stevie-j-exposes-the-real-about-the-eve-sextape-video/

Da baby – https://www.billboard.com/photos/9608086/dababy-rolling-loud-homophobic-comments-controversy-timeline/ WildnOut Returns !! – https://youtu.be/ASzgwsjKh9Q

Pj Washington -https://www.tmz.com/2021/08/11/nba-pj-washington-stop-the-cap-amid-brittany-renner-child-support-rumors/

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