Kansas City People’s Choice Awards FINALIST VOTING

Hey Yal! We can now vote for the final contestants in the Kansas City People’s Choice Awards for 2021. I just want to say that I’m so grateful to even be considered for this honor. This has motivated me to peruse my dream and passions even more. I love my city! We have the mostContinue reading “Kansas City People’s Choice Awards FINALIST VOTING”

89 – Going Up

https://youtu.be/fSqGNwmWMxo Grandma and Grandpa Sex – Have we watched it? What we find sexy about it – Being attracted to the mature age group. Anonymous listeners fantasy email read Asian Hate Crime Bill – Where is the Black People Hate Crime Bill? Happy Birthday Malcom X Rip Paul Mooney Queens on Netflix The School OfContinue reading “89 – Going Up”