84 – Buss it

Bussit episode 84 !!! We talking | Sex – with your BFFBlop – Capital Hill | Keyon Harold | Penis Extensions | Thank you JT_Beatz for sending us your song!! Yal check him out – https://lnk.bio/jt_beatz Lil Mama is the track! Look for the up coming wine tasting !! Let us know if u wantContinue reading “84 – Buss it”

82 – Acoustics

This week @iamjasmine_j_ and @jellosparkles discuss Thank you D Béez for letting us feature your song Star – https://youtu.be/-6CE1QQHKeM Check out his new video Distant Memory – https://youtu.be/Ha4BbaPN5aw Congratulations to our $200 Coach gift card winner!!! @chillinwithjoosepod Thank you to all of our listeners for commenting on our episodes! Disclaimer – we do not supportContinue reading “82 – Acoustics”

Happy 2 Year Anniversary Puff Chronicles

Happy 2nd year #anniversary @puffchron ‼️ What a year! We learned so much and worked really hard. Things have gotten easier and more opportunities to #grow keep falling into our lap despite #corona. Thank yooooooou from the bottom of our hearts #PuffBaddies and #PuffZaddies 😩🙌🏽 #yal made this year the best no 🧢 x100 …Continue reading “Happy 2 Year Anniversary Puff Chronicles”

$200 Coach Gift Card for a Loyal Puff Baddie/Zaddie

GO TO INSTAGRAM RIGHT NOW TO ENTER INTO THE 2nd YEAR ANNIVERSARY $200 COACH GIFT CARD GIVE AWAY! >>> First Go here ➡️ https://www.instagram.com/p/CI8y6Utl1LW/?igshid=1g849acbwb0ox >> Next ➕SHARE to your story and @puffchron 🗣🗣🗣THEN🗣🗣🗣 FOLLOW**FOLLOW**FOLLOW**FOLLOW* Jellosparkles and iamjasmine_j_ on INSTAGRAM ‼️Follow these steps and you could win a $200 Coach gift card‼️ ***WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCEDContinue reading “$200 Coach Gift Card for a Loyal Puff Baddie/Zaddie”

Episode 52 – This is How We Do It

Free Eyebrow wax tiiiimmmee! Congratulations Shavel THANK YOU BOISSET this week’s selection found here – https://my.boissetcollection.com/iam.jasminej/wine/family-classic-1 Cock o clock – Kissing in other places Thank you PiffMag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.I.F.F. Magazine and Coleman All Star Agency are throwing it down next Saturday in Atlanta, Georgia.. They’re taking auditions for a coming industry seminar and are also doingContinue reading “Episode 52 – This is How We Do It”

Episode 19 – Can’t Tell Me Nuthan

Monica opens up on Family Hustle about her divorce. Country music fans threaten to boycott Wrangler Jeans. How do yal feel about the Blac Chyna interview? City Girls v Hazel E Trey Songz pops up with new baby Noah Jason Mitchell dropped from numerous shows including ‘The Chi’ for misconduct. Whitney Houston has a newContinue reading “Episode 19 – Can’t Tell Me Nuthan”

Episode 18 – The Bill on Capitol Hill

Happy Mother’s Day! Changing MLK JR blvd back to the Paseo Ensley get’s taken from Janelle after David kills their family dog. Jessie Williams to pay 50,000 in child support and 50,000 in spousal support. Snowfall returns 7.10! We drank Jean Charles French Kiss red bubbles for the show this week. Give it a tryContinue reading “Episode 18 – The Bill on Capitol Hill”