Episode 18 – The Bill on Capitol Hill

Episode 18

Happy Mother’s Day!

Changing MLK JR blvd back to the Paseo

Ensley get’s taken from Janelle after David kills their family dog.

Jessie Williams to pay 50,000 in child support and 50,000 in spousal support.

Snowfall returns 7.10!

We drank Jean Charles French Kiss red bubbles for the show this week. Give it a try the link is below!


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Dancer and choreographer Ashley Nicole, originally from Memphis, TN, is offering free dance classes to Memphis residence. Ashley has received training from top choreographers on the west coast and has worked with known names such as (Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, DJ Khaled etc) in a variety of shows, performances and appearances. Now located in Las Vegas
she feels a duty to support Memphis in a way that will allow students to learn basic heel fundamentals and teach choreography that will challenging and will push the dancers in attendance.
Her reward? Being able to come home and share what she has learned,

IG: ashleynicole92_

The Four S’s

This week we are learning about wine etiquette and selling it!


Wendy Williams Vs Kevin Hunter

Kodak Black goes to jail on alleged gun and drug charges

Laura Ingram and her false report on Nipsey Hussle

Reviewing the Do Anything for Clout video

Soulja Boi gets robbed while he is in jail

Porn Categories

If you don’t love it, it’s because you haven’t tried it! You’re in luck because we got the plug. Wine Ambassador, Cassandra, was gracious enough to sponsor this week’s episode with decadent Muscat wine. Order form her using the link below. The specific link for the wine we drank tonight will be below that. Pour up with us.



The Pastor’s Shoes

Episode 15


Former oj Simpson prosecutor defending Nipsey Hussle’s killer

Rkelly performs for 28 seconds

Duane Wade and Gabrielle Union vs Paul Pierce

Kodak Black comments

Rihanna Clap backs and new music 

Avengers End Game is coming soon!!!

How High 2

Gabrielle Union takes her son to gay pride

Beyonce and Netflix

Would you be upset if your pastor was wearing 3,000 shoes?

Wearing mixed matches socks


So. we were drifting off on knowledge

sad-calls on bat-walks, man these people getting solemn

We can speak to king Solomon or a Salamander

We took a pipe at midnight and now my mind can’t help but wander, how come we can’t do this podcast show? We like to talk about sex, pop culture, and making you crazy people laugh too!! Plus, who better to do this with than your sister.

First things first…WE…DON’T…CARE.. BOUT WHAT ANYBODY GOT TO SAY REGARDING THE VERY GROWN THINGS THAT WE WILL BE DISCUSSING ON THIS HERE SHOW…I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH..I’M MARRIED, and Jessiqa and Travis have been together since forever…so. THEY GONE BE TALKIN BOUT THE NASTY AS WELL… Parental advisory… Ok? Now that we got that out the way, let’s get to the fun tings. Now…

To my fellas… *Missy voice* You will enjoy yourselves as well… We have men in our circle that will have opportunities to weigh in on yall’s behalf. I know usually, in our culture, homes are torn apart but…we here to stop that today. #blacklove. In addition to that, we are all freaks here so there will be no shame in our game. Because, honey, we play blonde bombshell Becky, Red head Anika, and Ms. Allison for our men. Our hope after you enjoy our episodes is that you leave happy, feeling better about the day than you did at first. We hope you learn something while we live our best lives together.



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