Merry Christmas 🎁 & Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas 🎄 and Happy Holidays 🎁 As many of you know I have been working super hard growing the brand! Please check out the latest Instagram pics! A new youtube video is on the way! Get 30% off wine with this link!

94 – Don’t Fall For The Okidoke Let us know in the comments what you think we should do for our 100th episode! This week Jasmine ne Jello discuss Revenge porn. Have you ever been exposed Have you exposed anyone Do you know someone who has been exposed? What is “revenge porn”? Blac Chyna – Eve and Stevie J –Continue reading “94 – Don’t Fall For The Okidoke”

93 – Sex Blindfolded/Compromising|Ye & 🔥Lil N’as X|Facebook|BiRacial couple engagement pics

We sorry about the late post! Sub to our back up YouTube - Bon qui qui – Compromise? How do you during sex?-Monogamy vs polygamy (episode on you have sex with one partner for the rest of your life?Real sex – Sex blindfolded – during sex. How do you compromise?Continue reading “93 – Sex Blindfolded/Compromising|Ye & 🔥Lil N’as X|Facebook|BiRacial couple engagement pics”

Jasmine J Patreon Hey yal!!! I need your support…so I’m asking for it. I am committed to making my youtube, tiktoks, and overall content look and sound BETTER! If you are here it’s because deep down you know i have what it takes to put on a fun, hilarious, informative show… I wouldn’t have gotten this farContinue reading “Jasmine J Patreon”

Kansas City People’s Choice Awards FINALIST VOTING

Hey Yal! We can now vote for the final contestants in the Kansas City People’s Choice Awards for 2021. I just want to say that I’m so grateful to even be considered for this honor. This has motivated me to peruse my dream and passions even more. I love my city! We have the mostContinue reading “Kansas City People’s Choice Awards FINALIST VOTING”

89 – Going Up Grandma and Grandpa Sex – Have we watched it? What we find sexy about it – Being attracted to the mature age group. Anonymous listeners fantasy email read Asian Hate Crime Bill – Where is the Black People Hate Crime Bill? Happy Birthday Malcom X Rip Paul Mooney Queens on Netflix The School OfContinue reading “89 – Going Up”

82 – Acoustics

This week @iamjasmine_j_ and @jellosparkles discuss Thank you D Béez for letting us feature your song Star – Check out his new video Distant Memory – Congratulations to our $200 Coach gift card winner!!! @chillinwithjoosepod Thank you to all of our listeners for commenting on our episodes! Disclaimer – we do not supportContinue reading “82 – Acoustics”