Merry Christmas 🎁 & Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas 🎄 and Happy Holidays 🎁 As many of you know I have been working super hard growing the brand! Please check out the latest Instagram pics! A new youtube video is on the way! Get 30% off wine with this link!

93 – Sex Blindfolded/Compromising|Ye & 🔥Lil N’as X|Facebook|BiRacial couple engagement pics

We sorry about the late post! Sub to our back up YouTube - Bon qui qui – Compromise? How do you during sex?-Monogamy vs polygamy (episode on you have sex with one partner for the rest of your life?Real sex – Sex blindfolded – during sex. How do you compromise?Continue reading “93 – Sex Blindfolded/Compromising|Ye & 🔥Lil N’as X|Facebook|BiRacial couple engagement pics”

Jasmine J Patreon Hey yal!!! I need your support…so I’m asking for it. I am committed to making my youtube, tiktoks, and overall content look and sound BETTER! If you are here it’s because deep down you know i have what it takes to put on a fun, hilarious, informative show… I wouldn’t have gotten this farContinue reading “Jasmine J Patreon”

89 – Going Up Grandma and Grandpa Sex – Have we watched it? What we find sexy about it – Being attracted to the mature age group. Anonymous listeners fantasy email read Asian Hate Crime Bill – Where is the Black People Hate Crime Bill? Happy Birthday Malcom X Rip Paul Mooney Queens on Netflix The School OfContinue reading “89 – Going Up”

82 – Acoustics

This week @iamjasmine_j_ and @jellosparkles discuss Thank you D Béez for letting us feature your song Star – Check out his new video Distant Memory – Congratulations to our $200 Coach gift card winner!!! @chillinwithjoosepod Thank you to all of our listeners for commenting on our episodes! Disclaimer – we do not supportContinue reading “82 – Acoustics”

$200 Coach Gift Card for a Loyal Puff Baddie/Zaddie

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